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2006-11-20 - 9:16 a.m.

I can't decide if I like the new Internet Explorer. Despite many warnings to the contrary (mostly from Quickbooks) it was installed on this work PC, although without really an issue. It's not like I use quickbooks correctly anyway.

Basically, like all things Microsoft it seems, they've taken something that works awesome (in this case Firefox) and made it bloated, memory hogging, and a carbon copy. I look at Vista and the amazing new places it is going to take computing, and I think, Wow, that looks just like OSX, which runs on my 3 year old powerbook. Vista will not run on my brand new gaming PC. I think that's crazy. I have 512k of Ram. And can edit Video in real time. I have 2g in my gaming PC. And can play Everquest2. Good times.

I didn't start out this morning to bash Microsoft. I like office. I like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I kind of miss the Dude, you're Getting a Dell! kid. Who, I think was arrested for pot possesion. Which, in hindsight, makes sense. No one should be that excited about a Dell. No One.

The crew today is lacking my lead man, which means the hispanic contigent has the numbers to pick the radio station. And so we are listening to some sort of strange dance / rap hybrid. With accordian and perhaps tuba. It's different. And kind of cool. Normally we listen to those crap Lite channels, sometimes classic rock. So this discopania (I think it's what they were yelling) is a nice change. I can only here Wilson Phillips so many times before I start having bad 90's flashbacks.

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