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2006-11-22 - 2:10 p.m.

One of the things that I really miss in California was having people to talk to. People who would understand when I replied upon being asked why I was in such a good mood that Rachel Zoe was fired by Nicole Ritchie and maybe, just maybe, this means she will shrivel up and die without the attention. Or maybe get fat. If, say I replied such to my roommates there would be a stymied silence, and awkward reply, and then they would flee to parts of the house without making eye contact. (note to self, Save Zoe reference for later). Caring about such things here in this state, I feel a little stupid, a little out of touch. I have no friends to watch Project Runway live with, perhaps with mixed drinks and snacks to make catty remarks about the judges and the designers I hate. Before ANTM became unwatchable (and it is, it totally is)there was no one to play the Tyra Makes it about Herself drinking game with. I do watch The Amazing Race and The Office in a group, with snacks and usually wine, but it has merely given me the desire for more, More, MORE. That's the problem with a taste of something, I notice the absence more acutely. I could join forums, and Internet discussion groups, I could even start my own, but I like the immediacy of something. I even like the commercial breaks. With Tivo they don't mean anything, except allow a moment to discuss, to grab some more wine, to see if in fact, that did just happen. I guess what I really miss is having people around my immediate vicinity who care about something like I do, who are fascinated about things that I am. Perhaps that will be my New Years Resolution this time, it's probably easier to keep than Lose Weight.

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