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2006-12-09 - 10:30 a.m.

I was going to go on a pro fur diatribe, but really, I don't want to cause controversy. I don't live for it. I don't like it. And while it would be nice to get the page hits such a thing would no doubt cause, I don't care enough.

I have society ennui I think. It's not related to elections or Britney Spears triumphant return then squandering of said return by flashing her Vagina, or anything else pop culture related. I'm just very, very tired of America in general. In broad sweeping arcs and judgments’, I don't like us. On a micro scale, I need to be forgiving. On a macro scale, not so much. I find myself disenfranchised with the mainstream, with the beliefs of this society, and the direction that it seems to be headed. I'm tired of the younger generation already, and I'm only 31. This tiredness actually makes me feel older; suddenly I'm relating to my 90 year old Grandfather and thinking everyone in power has their heads up their asses.

I keep thinking that I need to do something that will make a difference, go overseas or something, hang out with people that are doing something to right the wrongs they see. One of the things that I really appreciated when I went to visit my sister in the Peace Corps was how much of a positive influence such things had about Americans. We were not there with guns and overthrowing regimes. We were building things, and teaching people agriculture and nutrition. Not that I’m really capable of teaching these things.

I think that I would be happy, or at the very least, happier, if people would park in the clearly marked parking stalls in the front of my shop. That’s what I want for Christmas. Even over World Peace.

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