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2006-12-13 - 8:44 a.m.

Last night I went to Shopko on my way home from work to pick up some things. And I was standing in the check out line, and realized that I was buying Kleenex, Hand Lotion, and Spot Remover.

It was kind of awkward, but that may have all just been in my head.

My house currently is a mess. This is my fault, though I am aided and abetted by my roommates. I had good intentions last night to get some stuff done, but ended up at my parents cleaning there. Tonight though, I should have no excuses. We shall see. One of my roommates mother is coming over, so Iím hoping that will at the very least inspire me to do something. And maybe even put up the tree. And the lights I bought. Which are currently sitting on the dining room table. In my defense, I did have plans to put them up the first weekend in December, but things got in the way.

Iíve got coupons to plan for, and we have our major sale in January. People never understand the major sale, and it usually leads to bad feelings and misunderstandings. I personally, would do away with the major sale, but I unfortunately have no control over that. I may do something different. The rest of the country is not like my little red hamlet, and so there are bad feelings and misunderstandings involving how they insist we do things and what works. I do like my Ops Manager, he is a little more understanding, but then, he gets around and is also a numbers person, and the numbers for our red state are far different than the rest of the region, and in fact, the country. And this is all very, very boring, so, anyone left can give themselves a pat on the back. Or I will in Wisconsin this March.

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