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2006-12-21 - 9:42 a.m.

I have my tree up. I even put up the little monorail that goes around it.

I have purchased stockings for my roommates. I intend to drop some chocolates and porn in there for Christmas morning, mainly because I think it's funny. What did Father Christmas bring you? Penthouse! However, being in the reddest of states, it makes finding said magazines difficult. I may just go with Maxim or something.

Tonight I have grand plans to spend time with family and finish up my Christmas shopping. I have a list, and a strategy. We shall see if I get things done. My mother is excellent and throwing wrenches. Not intentionally, it's just that she knows just where to apply the guilt and in what quantities. Someday I too hopt to master those skills. I think one has to have children first though, and I'm not willing to make that sacrafice. I think I'd much rather clone minions. Not necesarily from myself, but perhaps from guests to my out of the way Villa, perched on a hill away from prying eyes and in order to build secret underground facilities in which to persue my interests. Ah dreams, it's the time of year for them.

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