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2007-01-08 - 11:58 a.m.

Last night when I arrived in Salt Lake City, it was in the teens. And I had to wander about the long term parking lot looking for my car, which was hard to find because it had been burried in several inches of snow.

The Bus Driver saw me wandering and yelled at me to write down my number next time. Then, shaking his head in disgust at my confusion, drove off.

It probably only took 10 minutes to find my car, I just had the stop wrong, thinking the color was not red, but green. I was right about the number however, and really, it was my own choice to wander about in sub freezing temps with my luggage and not an adequate coat. I was afraid of frostbite.

The crazy thing is that my luggage was already in Salt Lake when I arrived, so there was no time spent waiting for the carosal to start and then stop, dispensing luggage that belongs to no one, and still causes people to crowd forward so that everyone is inconvenienced. Oh travel.

I came home to electrical problems, exhaustion, and somehow not being excited enough about New York to please my roommates, which meant a lovely feeling of failure that I'm thinking was just tired and also a little sadness for loosing some more of my innocense in New York. I was on the plane ride home, in coach because I didn't want to waste the miles or pay the money to upgrade, though the counter was very nice and put me in a row all too myself at the bulkhead rather than my less than stellar seat towards the back, and I kind of feel like New York takes things, it's not a giver like San Francisco, and I seem to like the tourists less. Maybe it was the unseasonalby warm weather, which made it not seem like January, which made me question if I was in fact, in New York. I think the shopping on Michigan Avenue in Chicago is better, not on selection, but because it's conveniently consolidated.

I'm whining, which is really par for the course. I had a great time, I really did. I found some awesome clothes that no one here is going to have, and I'm feeling good about the upcoming spring fashion season. I ate a bunch of hot dogs, I drank a bunch of coffee, and I didn't drink too much alchohol. I saw Wendy bend a crowd to her will, as well as entertain gaggles of boi's wanting desperatly to be hers. I got to take the Subway, there is something about mass transit that calms me, and while I didn't get to use the Charmin Bathroom in Times Square, I did get to see the sketchiest of transactions, and also Parson's, Mood, and decide that Tim Gunn only eats Carbs on Tuesdays. It was decided that what the world needs now, is Brittany back, and there's only one person who can do it.

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