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2007-01-11 - 8:59 a.m.

I'm listening to White Snake's Here I go Again, not really by choice, but because it's blaring through the back shop. My crew listens to the most jacked up radio, and totally against type. The hard core former meth addict with more children than fingers and toes who looks to be in his 50's but is in fact, 40 yesterday? Easy Listening. That's the most dramatic, actually. He smiles his toothless grin over the Carpenter's. He hums along contendedly to Simon & Garfunkel. He preps dramatically to Celine. It's nice.

I might start Atkin's again. I did really well on it the last time I tried. Except for the horrible sweat rash. It was the Atkin's followed by two weeks in a developing nation followed by Dysentary that really got me down to a weight that I was happy with. Of course, with all fad diets, I gained the weight back. This time I may be doing it with a roommate, which is allegedly the best of dieting tips. I kind of wish I didn't like food so much. My sister has sent a detoxing 10 day regimend that my mother is currently following, and while she is, not necesarrily enjoying it, thinks it's worth while, I'm not sold yet. Mainly because while she had a lemon/salt water concoction for breakfast, I had waffles with syrup.

And I wonder why I'm fat?

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