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2007-01-15 - 8:51 a.m.

It is cold here in Utah. I understand that it is cold in other parts of the world, parts that are not used to the temps they are experiencing, but I'm not there. And this is about my comfort.

As usual.

In addition to the freezing weather, I'm also experiencing the joys of home ownership when something goes wrong, in this case, there are some electrical problems. Lights are out in parts of the house, while other parts are unaffected. And the living room fixture flickers. It's frustrating, especially when my handyman is taking a long time to ascertain the problem. I should probably not complain, as he comes very cheap. And this is not really a you get what you pay for scenario. I'm a little embarrased that I find myself wishing it would all burn down, and I can start from scratch with the insurance money. But that's not fair to my roommates. Thus the guilt.

I'm also fascinated with patio design at the moment. And landscaping. I keep pretending that I can afford the back yard of my dreams, one suitable for entertaining and enjoyment, with waterfalls, radiant heated patio with built in fireplace and barbeque, organic self sustaining garden, and a hot tub. Someday, I suppose. I do want to build a deck though. I think I can do that for an affordable amount. With a built in bar, Gazebo, and put up the chain link fence around the back. Once it gets warmer.

I kind of like the idea of sweating this spring over home improvement projects. We'll see how that really pans out, but for right now, it's keeping me warm with the glow of satisfaction.

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