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2007-01-17 - 8:53 a.m.

This morning I am on day three of crappy paper coffee cups that leak. I've used three different coffee places, and each day, my coffee has leaked out a seam or bottom. Stupid coffee.

I've also noticed that Luncheables are full of salt. I think that's the only thing in them that makes them taste "good". I eat one of those cracker stacks and I'm dehydrated, with cotton mouth and swollen tongue. I'm sure the coffee is helping that. Perhaps tonight I'll go to the store and get some real meat, cheese, and crackers. And some grapes, because with a dry mouth like this, grapes go really well.

Fruit is very hard to come by this time of year in Utah. Even Costco, who has the most amazing produce is struggling. I wonder if it's the freeze. Ther was a news story about Lemon price gouging this morning, along with suggestions to avoid scurvy, like eat Saurkraut, or take a vitamin pill. Stock up on orange juice, the article said. I wonder if this means places will start charging to put lemon in thier tea or water. It's probably a plot by the resturaunt industry to get us all to switch to bottled water instead of the tap because there is no more lemons to kill the taste. Maybe they'll start selling boxes of oranges on eBay.

I'm tired of these scare tactics. As if Citrus is vital to our economy, as if the failure of a years crop in California, while sucking for the farmers, is going to suck us all down, despite the bump in shipping from South America. And let's all remember that Global Warming is a myth, and that climate cycles allow for our current weather, and we should just go on burning fossils fuels and dumping toxins in our water that we won't be able to mask with lemons any longer.

I seem to be bitter this morning. Maybe I'll use that in my water the next time I go to Denny's.

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