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2007-01-23 - 9:56 a.m.

This morning I woke up to very cold temperatures. It seems that during the night my window slipped open a little bit and, since it was in the 20's outside, it was freezing inside. Just by the window, as evident by the slushy bottle of Smart Water I keep for emergency evening hydration.

Bandit, was curled up so tightly between me and a pillow, it was adorable.

The window is still cracked open, I couldn't get it to stay shut. Just another list of things to repair, or not worry about at all becuase I could be out of there.

I have a bunch of things to work out with the contract that they have sent over, as well as talk to the tax people. I'm going to have to pay Capital Gains, however there are limits due to my income level and I'm trying to get the city to admit they are buying the property because that means it falls under differrent schedules and while it doesn't eliminate my tax burden, it does mitigate it somewhat. However, the price I'm counteroffering still makes it worthwhile, with the Capital Gains issue making it a valid counter point according to my realtor.

I was originally a bit worried about the time schedule as I have the upcoming trip to Wisconsin, however, there are things in the contract that are open ended, so it should be no problem with me leaving town for a weekend. Of course, that weekend now will no doubt have several crisis (crisi? crisen?) to ensure that Pepcid will be downed like tic tacs at a speed dating event.

Which will be fine, if I can get a nicer house and Suburu out of the deal.

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