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2007-01-29 - 11:22 a.m.

So, my roommate bought a gigantic television this weekend.

They are delivering it on Thursday I guess.

Ginormous, LCD, in my living room.

I'm kind of excited. 55 Inches of HiDef is a lot to be excited about. There were many inches jokes made, over the course of the buying of said TV. Although really, TV doesn't apply to such a thing. Monitor doesn't work either. I'm not sure there is a word for such a beautiful thing. And it is beautiful. The OED states that something is really only beautiful when it creates a positive reflection about the meaning of one's own existence. Awesome.

My life lately has been kind of, chaotic. Almost in a Brittany Spears / Kevin Federline with a video camera kind of way. Lot's going on, no realy order to it. Things just happening. My seeming lack of control over events and the junk food diet I've put myself on because it's fast, easy, and really, something one would expect of me, isn't helping. Nothing is. Even though it's not mine, I'm thinking that 55" in the living room has got to do something.

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