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2007-02-06 - 3:28 p.m.

I currently have a thermonuclear device exploding in my chest.

It's the stress. And the Burger King I had for lunch. It's a bad combo. And good advertising does not make up for really mediocre fast food. However, it was where someone was going, and since I could not get away, it was lunch.

I'd do it again.


Aside from the old faithful of bile going on in my throat it's been a decent day. Very busy, almost but not quite too busy. The kind of day that flies by so fast one can't account for any single moment, it's all just gone. I hate that. I feel that there is nothing to account for my day, that I can't pinpoint something and say with accomplishment, I did that. Instead I'm left with a to do list that stretches into infinity and an inbox that is permanantly full. I think it's the weather. We have gone from bitter, bitter cold and an inversion that gave us the air quality of a 1978 Kenmoore trying to make it over Donner Pass and traded it for clear skies and temps in the mid 40's. People have time to notice the surface imperfections in their autos and so we are suddenly busy. At least it makes going out to the cars more pleasant.

Tonight I'm cooking dinner for a newly Vegan friend, and I'm flying a little bit blind. I'm a little nervous but I think I've got a good menu down, and there will be a meat dish for us carnivores. I can tell that even though I hated it, I've watched too much Top Chef because I'm concerned with my plating tonight. Ah well. I'm sure that nothing will compete with the glory that is Rome. And it's more about the company I'm keeping that whether or not I got the food right.

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