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2007-02-12 - 4:37 p.m.

You know those really awful gas station pepperoni sticks they sell next to the register, the ones you have to get a Mountain Dew with because the only way to wash away the grease from said stick is with caffenaited citrus flavored piss? I just dealt with a woman who smelled very, very strongly of those meat biproducts. Like, she was made of low grade pepperoni and then left on a dash in the Vegas summer.

The interior of her car was as nasty as her smell, and while the whole thing was a naseating experience, I'm not looking forward to painting her 1992 Dodge Shadow. I'm sorry, but the car is worth, tops, $500 and that's without factoring in the landfill that was the back seat and the dirt you could grow crops in resting on the seats.

I am not saying that my car is a spotless oasis or anything. In fact, it's a mess. Outside and inside. However, I would never let it get like this particular vehicle. I would be embarrased to have anyone see an interior like that, mainly because what does this tell me about the person? Aside from the fact they are willing to spend $1200 on a car worth half that, being kind.

I just don't get people.

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