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2007-03-06 - 2:11 p.m.

I survived Minneapolis Airport twice and all you get is a whiny entry.

Actually, no, there is not even that. Because it's done. I'm done obsessing over how I was treated by an airline and am ready to move on. I'm sorry, diary. Are you upset I worked through it without you? Are you eying my steno notebook wondering what I told it? Are you going to start dialing my friends hoping for dirt? It's killing you, I know. But really, it's for the best.

There is a lot of comradery and intimicy in Green Bay, when I'm there. I don't have that in my daily life. I don't stand around with my arms around people enjoying just being next to them. I don't like to be touched in other parts of the country, but I seem to be the opposite in Green Bay. I can't stand not being near someone. It's strange. And wonderful.

This trip round, while I did make an ass of myself, something that is as much of a tradition as any other, I managed to do so without losing the contents of my stomach. It was like winning the gold medal at the Special Olympics, lot's of positive reinforcment. Usually after one's time had come and gone without splatter.

I enjoyed the trip to Door County, especially since it was not just for hamburgers, but also for wine! And cheese! And I bought a plate, because I don't have near enough entertaining dishes. I much prefered the first winery we visited, the wines where not as sweet, and the gift shop was of a much more Napa like caliber. Which is why I purchased the plate. Eben and I also discussed pasta dishes, because we are like that. And by that, you all know what that means. The second winery was a little more surly, a little more brisk, but they had delicious fudge, not to mention wines that would put diabetics into a coma. Then it was back on the bus for Trivial Pursuit. And my side won, thanks to Kevin who knows sports trivia, and his lovely wife Melinda, who knows PBS Children's shows. And obviously, some higher power wanted us to have that magnet (Thank you eBay). And the custard, I managed to eat all of mine. And licked the styrofoam container. However, no self-loathing allowed with that crowd, which rhymes in a way pop songs only dream of. Though the number it did on my digestive system, one would think that the custard had 4:30 to 5:00pm on the pool. We partied on sleighs, we ate brats and fluff and passed out swag. There was the usual Karoke, and this time I managed to sing a lot. More than usual. And also, duetted a Grease song with a random Wisconsin girl who later tried to pop the implants of another Wisconsin girl. Much to my delight. It was not, sadly, over myself, but it was done during a rather heartfelt rendition of What a Wonderful World, making the entire event sublime. I love how each year something happens that tops the prior. I have no idea what to expect for '08.

Sunday's are always bittersweet, with the departures and the previous evenings catching up with one at the same time. I was a little bit envious that I didn't get to stay for the Sunday night get together, okay, it was mainly because I was missing out on fluff. I'm but a man, addicted to fluff. However, I did enjoy lunch at Lambaugh Field, and managed to squeeze in some souviner shopping. And now I'm back, it's Tuesday, and I'm trying to come up with some way to describe the weekend that doesn't ring flat, that expresses how very much I loved being in Wisconsin with everyone, and how much I appreciate the fact that I am loved.

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