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2007-03-13 - 11:14 p.m.

Damn It.

It was 70 degrees today. And now my room is too warm. And I can't seem to get to sleep, and I just finished watching last nights The Riches on FX and am underwhelmed.

That is my paltry list of complaints at the moment. I suppose, if I really wanted to, I could open myself up to the universe and spin it all into a wild tale of how everything is stacked against me, and that I will die cold and alone. But I don't really feel that way. I just feel petty.


I seem to be itching at the bit for change, and yet also holding myself back. Or uh, keeping in the reigns something. I don't know my horse analogies very well. Perhaps I should have read some of my sister's Saddle Club novels or something. I did play with them on the My Little Pony front. I never let them play with my GI Joes. Mainly because they had complex histories that no mere girl could possibly comprehend. That was always my talent, getting the stories down. The fantastical lives of their Barbies made the stuff on Dallas tame by comparison. Mainly because they usually took place in boarding schools where old money clashed with new, with old money always winning out. It seemed important at the time. There was always the bitch Aunt tyrant who would pull some scandal out of her turban whenever someone got out of hand. In contrast, my Joes where living in a post apocolyptic future where they fought valienty to survive in the new world, struggling against the evil He-Man oppressors.

Oh, the heady days of childhood. Not that I really miss them that much. I don't have the patience I used to. Or the focus. I live in a real world and don't have to make up a better one to escape it.

I'm going to try warm milk. Which, contrary to popular opinion, is not a masturbation reference.

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