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2007-03-25 - 5:28 p.m.

I seem to be at a loss, these days, as to where I want to take my life.

Such rudderless times are, sadly, very common with me. I really only find direction in small, contained bursts.

Even though I babbled near incoherently yesterday into the update box, I still do want to find some sort of exercise regime that I can do, that I can be comfortable with. And get some sort of balance between that program and the rest of my life. I'm not hard core about things, and maybe that needs to change.

I'll probably really start to piss people off.

Our DVR function from Comcast has been a little bit on the fritz for the past couple of days. Despite repeated calls to Comcast it works, then doesn't. I miss Tivo. Tivo would never let me down. Of course, neither would actually staying up to watch a show at its scheduled time, but I scoff at that. I want TV on my own time. I've been spoiled by this on demand lifestyle, whether it's music, movies, or television. I press buttons and get what I want, damn it! It is my right as an American. If I have to watch Network Television on their schedule, then the terrorists win.

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