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2007-03-28 - 12:37 p.m.

The other day I was feeling both flushed with cash and also down, down, down. Such times are very dangerous. In this case I managed to talk myself out of buying a new iMac and instead just updated my laptop. Though they couldn't get me into a larger hard drive. Not that it really matters, I now have a tiny black deck of cards that will hold 500gig of whatever connected via Firewire. Go Me!

I have spent the past couple days doing everything I could find on the internet, on the website, and various message boards and blogs to get my Sony Clie to communicate with a Windows XP computer. No dice. It seems my only option is to find a serial connector because the XP USB Driver doesn't work, and never has.

I know that people get tired of hearing this, but I installed the Palm Desktop on my Mac, was told that there was no guarentee that it would communicate blah blah blah, the Palm website says the same thing, if it doesn't work don't come crying to us.

It synced. Immediatly. And Firefox popped up saying, hey, you use Yahoo? Gmail? want to sync with those? And it's been working fine.

I hate Windows. I hate it. I hate that this operating system can't do things, is overly complicated, and hogs resources like an American. That it requires a seperate program to install something instead of just dragging the program to the folder I want it in. What I really don't understand are the people that "hate" on Apple. Nobody is perfect, but my laptop, which is over three years old, runs just fine. No, it runs better than fine, it runs like the day I got it. I've never had to relaod software, I've never had something not work with it, and I'm editing video applications in Final Cut Pro with 512mb of RAM, soon to be 1gig next week with an upgrade to Leapord. It's sleek, stylish, and suits my demands for both power and functionality, as well as aesthetics.

I've never had a PC that worked that well. I still don't have a PC that works that well. I have a custom built machine that I game on. It's a year old and I've had to install Windows twice, order a new copy of Windows because the one I had went bad, and it still does things that make me scratch my head.

It just seems to me that in this day and age, we should have systems that work. Effortlessly, simply, and intuitivly. And those are all spelled wrong because my dictionary plug in? Doesn't work on my Window's machine.

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