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2007-04-17 - 12:10 p.m.

Working with the public is the worst job in the world. I don't care how crappy your job is, if you have to deal with people off the street, it's worse.

I was just threatened with "bad press" because I would not discount a vehicle $200. She can't afford to pay for the work we are doing. And I wouldn't discount it to what she could afford. This means, I am screwing her. And because I am screwing her, she will screw me. She yelled, she screamed. She threatened to call the local news and tell them the sordid tale of our transaction together. Her "airtight" case is that I told her 2 days to do the work, and it's not done. It will be ready tomorrow. She'd love to take us to court. I'm sure she makes a living at it.

Her friend, on the phone, kept telling the other side that I was being a "dick", a phrase repeated so often I lost count. Her play by play of the events was bizarre, punctuated with egging on, eye rolls, and remarks like They can't treat you like this, talk to the owner. When I mentioned I was, in fact, the owner, she told her cell phone friend, The owner is being a dick. Which made me laugh out loud.

Eventually she left, friend in tow. To spread the word about how horrible we are, how much of a dick I was, how much business we are going to lose over that $200. Her lawyer would be contacting us, and she'd be down tomorrow morninga t 8am with the police to get her car, we can't keep it here. Which, is not true. But she won't show up with the police tomorrow. She'll show up when she has scrounged up the money to pay for her car. And she will drive it out to another center and she will complain to them about it. And I don't care. I'm sure she will leave out the part where I saved her about $300 of her deductable, that we worked with her on every aspect of the claim to save her money. How we pre-ordered parts and shoved it ahead in the line. It's all part of me screwing her over. Because I'm a dick.

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