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2007-05-18 - 8:16 a.m.

I seem to be under constant pressure, both internal and external, to get my life together. To be happy! thin! dating! We care!

The problem is, it seems that on a very fundemental level, I do not. I don't have the capacity for caring right now. At least about myself. This, according to the plethora of self help books that are thrust upon me by concerned parents, means that I can not adequately care about other people. Which, is not true in the slightest. It's easier for me to care about other people.

Tomorrow I'm going to the pre-opening of Utah's first IKEA. I'm going to finally buy a bedframe. I've planned on making my own for a while, I've checked out resell and thrift stores for headboards, I've scanned the big box retailers. So, it's a positive step. No more hollywood frame, but a real adult bed again. That should count for something. A stepping stone on the path of happy! thin! dating!

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