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2007-05-31 - 8:10 a.m.

So, last week we watched the news. Because of a segment advertised entitled Emo's Exposed.

I think it was a joke. I think it had to be a joke.

The news is terrible. TERRIBLE. I can understand why people watch Fox now. There was nothing international, just local stuff, and the local stuff. Man. Well, that Emo story is a prime example of the quality we where shown. Do they submit these for pullitzer's? I'm surprised there has not been a move to ban Death Cab for Cutie from local Wal*Mart's, and requiring parents permission to wear eyeliner. Actually, there was a pre-emo kid that I went to high school with. Of course, back then it was Goth and pretty much was the same. Except for the girls jeans. Oh Loc Tran, I wonder where you are today? Still wearing striped stockings with your leather shorts? One can only hope.

I should take my outrage (now with less calories) and do something useful with it. Work with uh, kids. Or the Elderly. Watch the news with Seniors and tell them how life really is, that there is nothing to be afraid of, and that common sense and communication are the best tools towards navigating life. Actually, I have nothing to teach anyone about navigating life. I can't seem to navigate my own very calm waters, pining away for choppy seas and desert islands where I can become tan and thin, living on coconuts and bananas and keeping a literaty masterpiece of a journal. In putting together my bookshelf, I had the opportunity to go through the various novels I've collected over the years, and came across my Burroughs collection, both William's and Augusten. I don't particularly like either of them, though I do respect William Sr. for his beat generation and the cut up techniques that have almost become derivitive in avant garde literature these days. The Augusten in particular I find galling because he is not a good writer. I'm sorry, but he is not. He has good stories, he has incredible and at time unbelievable stories. And I hate that he can do something that I don't have the passion and drive for. I'm too safe, addicted to security. I think about just chucking off my life and wandering the country writing about the experience, publishing, and then perhaps teaching at some liberal arts college while suplimenting my income writing pornography scripts and making short films for festivals.

Instead I labor at a job that I allow to compress me denser and denser until eventually I imagine I will become a black hole inside, allowing nothing out. At least there's a culture to support me these days. Pass the razor blade please.

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