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2002-01-24 - 8:46 a.m.

I'm having diary performance anxiety. Also, I think that if it was driving on the information superhighway my diary would probably be in one of those jacked up trucks with lift kits and accesories, just like the Nuclear Banana

I made a white trash lunch for everyone today. I wasn't going to but then I got into it last night with the shopping and the cooking and the next thing I knew BAM. Lunch for 25. Chex mix, Potato Chip Salad, Pigs in a Blanket, Spam sandwiches and refrigerater cake. I also brought in Grape and Orange sodas because according to the many websites I consulted (because the members of my family that qualify are probably too stoned to answer the phone, let alone questions about their lifestyles lucidly) mentioned that store brand fruit sodas, along with Keystone, are a must for any social gathering. My secondary objective here is to give them all heart attacks, thereby allowing me to advance through the ranks as they drop off from the saturated treats I bring. I also have the added thrill of being the safety coordinator, so in the event of an emergency I have training. Training I'm dying to use. Or, well, maybe they will.

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