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2002-07-29 - 3:38 p.m.

Oh my. Today I was wishing that I were a Danish pop star with wacky hair and a wardrobe culled from B Sci-Fi movies with the production budget of a student film. It was just that kind of day.

It started off okay. But then, they usually do. Lotís of things happening. A Co-Worker has her nanny die suddenly in Hong Kong, which was very sad. My EB was in rare form. Iím dealing with a little bit of work and apartment stress. Itís just wacky. But Iím going to Sleep Train tonight after work to try out the beds. Sleep Train is a media whore, at least in the Bay Area. They have pimped themselves out to every radio station, who do live commercials about them. DJís working the airwaves. But it works. I was thinking, I need a new mattress, and didnít even consider anywhere else. Plus my sister and her beau have a sleep train mattress, and apparently you can set a cup of liquid on one side and jump up and down on the other without spilling. Like all married couples (not that they are, but they live together and have a dog, so itís the same thing) they really donít have much to talk about, thus the dog and countless tales of the wonders of the Sleep Train mattress. Except, I think itís just a store that sells mattresses. Anyway, enough of that. While it was a lovely distracting from the petulant whining that was going to go in itís stead, Iím sure that everyone has better things to do than reading about mattresses from cleverly marketed retailers.

So, uhm, yeah. Get to it.

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