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2002-10-20 - 9:49 p.m.

And here is the entry for Saturday.

David Sedaris was excellent. He was much shorter than I expected, but every bit as funny. His in between comments confirmed his wit and I had a great time. The hour and a half passed very quickly. During the question and answer period, he was very gracious towards the crowd. When asked if he could convince his boyfriend Hugh to move to Utah, implying that of course Mr. Sedaris could not wait to give up his life in France and abroad to settle down in the beehive state. He eventually turned his response into a rant about smoking that left me breathless with laughter. It was a nice way to end the evening, and the day. Which had began with sleeping in, sipping coffee, and hanging around with friends before helping my parents with cleaning out the garage. I then drove some disadvantaged youths the belong in the program that my sister works for, to their respective hovels, er homes. I had misunderstood the timing of the day, so I had to rush around to get ready for the evening. We were meeting a coworker of my sister and her boyfriend at a restaurant in Salt Lake prior to the reading. It was called Trio was very trendy and chic. My first impression upon walking in was that I had entered the set to Queer as Folk, something that the Versace clad host confirmed, along with the waiters. Dinner was good, and you already know how the reading went. He is coming back in April, and my parents are friends with the woman who is arranging his visit. My sister and I intend to abuse this friendship for all that itís worth. Especially after hearing him yesterday evening. The local NBC affiliate in Ogden does not carry Saturday Night Live. And so it shows at Eastern Time on the WB. Which is also the network that is much on everyones lips because of the series Everwood being filmed. It seems that local people are involved as extras and characters in the show, and thus are interviewed before and after. Which just seems strange. But not as strange as someone not wanting to air SNL. Itís such a different state. With a different way of life. I always hate coming here. But I also get emotional when I have to leave.

I will post Sunday's entry sometime tomorrow. It really ties the room together.

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