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2003-01-14 - 7:45 a.m.

I am convinced that 2003 has a vendetta against me, despite assurances that it is not so. It just feels like it.

Tonight I decided to head down to the library and return some books and also get some on Yoga and also something to read on the train. I ended up getting some Orson Scott Card novel that I am going to read, despite a policy of only reading items that make me appear enigmatic and interesting. I just donít have the energy at the moment to muddle through something intelligent and witty. I want the literary equivalent of a pop song, and damn it, Iím going to be proud. Well, maybe not proud. But not shamed.

I heard the most ridiculous thing in Starbucks this evening, while waiting in line. A woman was complaining how she suddenly was having problems sleeping, and then ordered a venti mocha with an extra shot. Itís 8pm and thatís her drink of choice? I almost wanted to point it out to her, but my New Years resolution is to not be so judgmental. So far, Iím behind. I also overhead a rather annoying mother herding her unruly brood about, discussing with other homeless people the unfairness of the soup kitchen, that would only feed her two small children, and not the older boys because the refused to do some dishes to earn the meal. Iíve actually seen this woman before, complaining about a shelter that kicked them all out because they claimed her sons were smoking pot. Everyone, except apparently this woman, whose piggish features and large cheeks perhaps preclude her from seeing anything, knew that these kids smoked pot. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Tonight, not so much. Because I felt sorry for the younger children, and also sad that it had been probably a year since Iíd last seen this group of people and obviously things had not changed at all for them. I had actually been considering ordering them a pizza, trying to pay back some karmic debt until I heard the reason for the soup kitchen only feeding the children. I actually agree with them. Iím not normally a fan of the Salvation Army, but I might have supported them right then. I actually think Iíll drop some shoes off there this week. Iím also working on simplifying my life. Of course, work has certainly helped in that regard. Stupid work. I am hoping that the rumors of a week long shutdown in February actually happen. Because I need to get away, and my mother has offered up the house in Cabo. I love Mexico, and I have a free ticket to fly there. A week of sitting on the beach, drinking buckets of beers and reading, with occasional forays into town in search of drunken Canadian chicks looking for a good time. When traveling, always look for drunken Canadian chicks. Trust me. It doesnít work so much in their own country, or at least it didnít for me in Montreal. I was there on business though, and perhaps they sensed that. An opportunity to expound on American Imperialism while I was a captive audience in THEIR drinking hole was probably too good to pass by. Much different than Squid Row where one can temper the bitterness with Jell-O shots and impress them with a gated compound with a lovely view.

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