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2003-01-20 - 9:07 p.m.

So, yes. I started to write yesterday but was so disturbed by the Kangaroo Jack news that I couldnít go on. Now that Iíve had a day of work and hive attacks, Iím in a much better state. Itís interesting because I used to like Jerry OíConnell. A little bit. He had a couple shows, I liked Joeís Apartment. But lately, just shyte. Seriously. Nothing good. Body Shots? Please. TomCats? Dear Lord. Buying the Cow. ĎNuff Said. And now a mob movie involving a CGI Kangaroo that looks like they just morphed the Scooby Doo dog. I actually met Jerry OíConnell once. Well, not really met. He came to a bar that I was at in Cabo San Lucas. He was the life of the bar, for a few moments. He seemed nice. Did a lot of tequila shots. But really, who doesnít in Mexico. Ah, Mexico. I have a mandatory shutdown coming up, and Iím thinking that spending a couple days lounging in the Pacific Breezes while looking down onto the Sea of Cortez would be a lovely antidote to the stress and crap that 2003 has started out with. I can read. Watch films. Tan. Well, burn is more like it. Take stock or something. Itís nice to do that in a place where everything is relaxed and has an emphasis on fun. Plus, there are always the drunk Canadians.

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