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2003-02-04 - 6:37 a.m.

I have always been able to work with difficult women. I grew up in a household of 3 sisters. My Fatherís sisters are no saints. Iím usually able to charm them, flatter them, and generally get them on my side. I am regarded a saint at the office for how I am able to deal with EB. However, I am currently up against one whom all my history cannot combat.

I am currently spinning off all my various duties to other groups, and there are all sorts of shifts in the structure and processes. Which was done last year in a much lauded project that had very little to do with anything in the long run since we shut down our production facilities and moved them to subcontractors in Asia. That project was called DICE, which was lame, but at least an acronym. The current project is called Synergy. As in the computer that Jem used to beat the misfits. And in true company fashion, we have hired consultants to monitor this shifting of responsibilities. My section of this process is being overseen by the grand high poobah, a tall anorexic woman with the bust of a 12 year old and a Jewish nose. She likes to wear heels, enhancing her height and is constantly in pinstripes that accentuate her thinness. She is an extreme woman who is extremely unpleasant. She argued passionately against having me come up with the training sessions because that puts me in a position to sabotage the project, in a planning meeting that I was attending. She even looked right at me. There was no sorry, I feel compelled to do this, or any sort of emotion. I was shocked. I personally think that they realized the difficulty of cramming my part of the process onto an already overloaded group and are finding excuses at the beginning, and people to blame. Or they are trying to bring on more staff in an attempt to squeeze even more blood from my turnip of a company. Iím not the only one to dislike her, she has pretty much alienated and pissed off everyone that was on the RIF plan. The whole calling into question our integrity and ability to want the job to succeed is the worst thing she could have done. It was uncalled for, rude, and not going to inspire us. I think that Iím in a worst frame of mind now than when I was actually laid off. I hate to admit it, but I think that Misfit is going to win the big battle of the bands concert.

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