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2003-03-20 - 12:22 p.m.

I spent my night switching channels between BBC, C-Span (which was showing CBC), the local Muslim channel (which I couldnít understand) and NBC until I became so enraged at the stupiditeness (a word I coined in homage to our president) of American Journalism that I threw my remote. I almost spent the night in jail. Well, thatís a touch dramatic. There was a group of people that were blocking a major intersection last night on my ride home. They were chanting and such. The police blocked off the approaching streets, which was wreaking havoc with the rush hour traffic. I was watching form the sidelines with a group of businessmen from the nearby convention center. The local NBC affiliate actually interviewed me on my views. I was for the protest, but against them blocking the street. I donít think anyone should mess with traffic. Itís bad enough. Why piss people off who are just trying to get home? The businessmen were also interviewed. They decided to move on to their restaurant and I decided that there was safety in numbers, so we all started crossing the street together. While crossing a voice boomed over the intercom stating they were Sergeant so and so of the police department and if the road was not cleared immediately there would be arrests. At this point, the three businessmen and myself are grabbed by the police and hauled towards the line of cop cars. I said that I was just crossing the street while one of the suits was cursing a stream of profanities that would make a mother blush. Not all mothers. Maybe just mine. I think that is just stupid. Why antagonize authority? I repeat that I was just crossing the street and the suits are complaining and flashing trade show badges. This seemed to get them off, and I told the cop that I was with them. I was allowed to continue as well. The protest was breaking up behind us, seemingly without incident. I escaped into a nearby Starbucks to fortify myself for the walk home. And was never on TV. Well, I might have been on the late night news but I didnít stick around to find out. Stupid Brian Williams.

This morning I watched CNN. It made me late for work. I was going to take the train in but there was a protest gathering near my stop and rather than face the trouble, or get involved in it, I went home and drove into the office today. Which gave me the radio commentary and the like. Listening about all the people duck taping intersections and blocking off ramps seemed unreal. I was kind of hoping for riots, but on really thinking about it, Iíd rather not have them. I feel personally that this war is stupid, and Iíd like the protestors to not repeat the mistakes of our leaders.

All this war stuff makes me tired. So do the many messages I get a day about support this cause or protest this cause and all the flaming that goes on under the guise of discussion. Iím thinking that itís time I caught up on my reading, and my Netflix queue.

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