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2003-05-07 - 1:41 p.m.

I think I caught a cold. All that warm fun in the sun compared to the damp chill that hit me upon my return to the Northern part of this great state has given me a sore throat. Some post nasal drip. And extra 40lbs around my waist.

Okay, maybe not that last bit, but itís nice to have a scapegoat.

I donít mind training people. In fact, Iím fond of it. But not when I feel like crap, have so much to do I donít see the end in sight, and have to SHARE a cube with the new person. Cubicles were not meant for two. Not ever. Iím so frustrated I could scream. Or retreat to the bathroom where I can lose it in peace. Iíve fond of falling apart in the bathroom. The cool tile walls echo my screams nicely and the tile walls rebound the back of my head with a solid thwack.

Itís only until the end of the week, where I can move to the cubicle next to my old one as the previous occupant is vacating for a weeks trip to Barcelona. Vacation, not work.

I had forgotten how intimidating the systems that I know and use daily are for some people. How the logic might initially seem fuzzy and confusing. How the different screens and my complete reliance on the keyboard in this mouse driven world makes the act of following along difficult to deal with. Luckily, I have spent hours and hours of my free time updating my processes and procedures so I can throw that at her until she catches up or I leave and itís trial by fire.

Iím thinking I donít have the best attitude.

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