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2004-04-30 - 10:37 p.m.

This afternoon was one of those comic elements that usually make first time filmakers go overboard on the events. Wait, that doesn't make sense, even in my head.

Today the bodyman was pulling off a quarter panel (which is the part behind the door and stretches to the rear bumper) and found 5 little kittens. It was a bit of a shock. And it shut down work for 15 minutes while the kittens were cared for. 15 Minutes is about the time it took for Animal Control to get there. I wanted them to take me with them. I would love to be nuetered and then given to a family that will love me when it is convenient.

I would make a good mouser.

So, there are other things going on, I think. It's kind of strange being this cut off from everything. I don't have a cell phone yet. I spend all my time at work. And generally come home to collapse.

I am finding it very difficult to write about his without a Woe is Me feeling to everything. I think it's the responsibility. I've never had it before, save for myself. Suddenly I have 8 people who depend on me for a job and it ups the ante a little bit. I'm not handling well, or at least, I'm not sure I am. But then, I've always listened to the wrong feedback, so what do I know.

That those kittens are probably better off with Animal control than the trunk of a salvaged Camry. That my stress is a temporary thing that will pass once I get my crew and processes working together. And that I can generally think something and not express it well.

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