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2006-04-13 - 9:02 a.m.

You know what I like? Aside from rhetorical online questions where you get the answer whether you care or not? Although if you didn't care, you could just click away, like Television or other sites. Offensive to me? I'll go somewhere else. Which is why I hate censorship, because the best judge of it would be ourselves and not some middle american focus group. And this was quite the digression, which I'm also fond of. Regardless, back to the original rhetoric, already in progress,

You know what I like? When unfulfilled people with small paltry lives feel better about themselves by attempting to torture retail people who are a sort of captive audience to the drama the person is creating. Now, that's not the part I like. I like the part where I, as the person whome the wrath is being directed at, ignores it. With a smile. And then, when the person does not get the reaction they want, and starts to make shriller demands, and wants the manager, I say, "I'm the owner. And I'm unwilling to bow to your wishes". And it's done. Screw that manager stuff. Owner. Bee-yauch.

It shouldn't, but sometimes, it makes my day.

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