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2006-04-20 - 2:02 p.m.

Right now Fire and Rain or whatever that James Taylor song is called is making my life a living hell. Mainly because I left my Mac in the car and thus have no iTunes to block out the FM that spars for my attention here in the office. A nice muted Rakes or We are Scientists would be lovely right now.

And keep out the REO Speedwagon. I fear that Boston is inevitibly next.

I was very pleased with last nights Amazing Race episode. Until Phil hurt me by making it a non-elimination round. I knew that it had to be coming, but there was hope. And even then, it still hurt.

My parents are leaving me alone for a month, with the strings to the family empire not so firmly within my grasp. I'm nervouse about this. I don't feel up to the task, and I can't view it as a challenge to be overcome, like Everest or Balooning around the world. I'm hoping that time will give me some perspective. And I'm sure I'll have plenty in a debtors prison.

Actually, do we still have those? We should.

Ugh, Boston.

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