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2002-01-12 - 8:44 p.m.

I saw a French movie tonight called Brotherhood of the Wolf. Basically the filmakers decided to keep taking it up a notch whenever they could. Emeril would be proud. I can't really say much without giving it all away. Not that there is what I like to call 'Suspense' or 'Surprise' at any of the events as they unfold. It was comical without intending to be, but very well done and entertaining. Kind of like a Merchant Ivory script directed by John Woo. There were two parts that seriously gave me the chills and amped me right up. And a couple of bad CGI bits. So if that sounds entertaining to you then I recomend it. I wouldn't see it alone, as that would ruin the afterwards talking bit that really can make or break a movie of this caliber. I also spent a lot of time today walking through SOHO and pretending I was one of the rich, clever, and beautiful people. I bought tacky designer knock offs for my co-workers from indeterminate asian vendors and had my fair share of hot dogs from indeterminate middle eastern vendors. Because they were cheap and plentiful and I like them (the hot dogs, not the knock offs). I have the whole day to myself tomorrow, as the family is leaving at the crack of dawn. Left on my own in New York. If I was 8 it would be a heartwarming yet comic fable about family struggles, and how love and forgiveness overcomes all obsticles. If I was writing the script it would be an episode of Sex in the City that would be banned in several eastern European countries. Instead it will be one of those cheesy montage sequences set to some Muzak version of New York, New York where I take in some sights and probably eat hot dog after hot dog. Because they are cheap and plentiful and I like them.

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