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2002-02-07 - 9:37 a.m.

I should be working. However, there is very little to do, so I thought I would mimic the sounds of productivity here in my cube by typing a diary entry. How clever I am. Although I have my fingers hovering over the desktop shortcut, just in case I hear the shuffle of feet.

I am very tired. With pretty much everything. I feel such a sense of ennui. Normally I would shop my way out of it, but I'm being strong. Strong! I also would probably bake something, but I'm also trying to set limits in that area as well. A motivated person would probably go hiking, or work out more, any sort of physical activity. But I think instead I'll just watch TV.

I'm going hiking at lunch today, which is kind of new. And ennui breaking, actually. I made a lunch for me and two co-workers and we are going to hike on a trail in our office park up to a cafe and get drinks. I think it will be nice. Plus I'm very proud of my sandwiches. I made an egg salad that I put lots of different minced vegatables in it and a slice of ham. It is quite tasty. I also made some lemon tea, because I'm a obsessive codependant approval freak. Although it is looking a bit like rain, which isn't supposed to get here today. Extreme North Bay by afternoon they claim. Of course, this is the weather we are talking about. I've brought my golf umbrella, raingear and a large sheet of plastic, just to be safe. Because I'm a obsessive, codependant approval freak.

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