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2002-03-27 - 9:09 a.m.

Hi Chauffi, could you please sort through this email, figure out what went wrong, arrange the corrective action and have it ship to the customer this afternoon. Iíve got a lunch appointment so Iíve given them your name to follow up with.

Oh, Chauffi, Iíve sent you my power point presentation. Could you please animate the slides and add some clip art. I need it by 11.

Hey, Chauffi, I canít get anything to print at the color printer. Could you come and set it up. I got a picture of a chick trying to change her tire but her boobs are too big. Itís hilarious and I want to print it out.

Hi Chauffi, I need you to write up a procedure for adding a customer. I have a meeting in 20 minutes. Could you do screen shots, OH, and I need a flowchart as well. I meant to ask you last week, but it slipped my mind. Thanks.

And itís only 9 am.

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