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2002-03-31 - 9:31 p.m.

All in all I had a pretty nice weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, warm and clear with spring sprunging everywhere one looked. Of course the grass and assorted pollens in the air are wreaking havoc, but I can live with it because it’s just that nice out.

I baked pies for Easter, and they were well received. But then, who doesn’t receive pie well. My family was going on about me getting the Pie Gene, from my grandmother who traditionally provides the deserts at family functions but due to a trip through Mexico’s Copper Canyon to observe native basket weaving, was missing this years Easter festivities. But thanks to my diligence and commitment that the family would not be without this year, I baked. And received many a drunken shoulder clasp and heartfelt aside for my troubles. The best part however was hearing all about some scandal that had rocked the normally idyllic circle of friends that my Aunt and Uncle belong to. It seems that “Harry” and “Sally”, usually welcome members of our gatherings had been going through some tough times, and had moved backed to the Dallas area so that “Sally” could be near family. “Harry” it seems, a pleasant Texas native and apostatizing Christian, has a sex addiction problem and had screwed half the inhabitants of Danville. The lack of a gender specification was intentional. However, God has saved their marriage, and apparently bought them a nice house in Dallas, so he’s selling used tractors and making a go of it. (God in this case is apparently “Sally’s” father) All those parties and get togethers, where “Harry” seemed to be pushing his religious agenda, when actually he was working the crowd. I once had a very pleasant conversation on the subject of Cigars with him that I’m now thinking was less than innocent. It’s just crazy how you never really know people. Especially when you focus on the vague superficialities like I do.

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