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2002-05-02 - 1:59 p.m.

I went and played golf this morning. But I couldnít get my head into the game, thus I sucked worse than usual. It was also more crowded at the range, elderly gentlemen starting the day off, salespeople trying to get 9 holes in before the grind, that kind of thing. I was looking for peace myself but didnít find it. So it goes.

Today I had a very large process document that was due. ISO prepped, ready to be loaded into Tutor. Iíve been working on it for weeks. It was to be reviewed this morning at a 10 am meeting. Last night, at 8:13pm I received an email requesting major changes that scraps an entire section and causes major rewrites to other parts of the document. Needless to say I was pissed off. Not enough to actually spend the rest of the night trying to fix it so I could present. Only 4 hours. Thatís why I needed the golfing.

On the way back from the range I pulled into a Starbucks that was nearer to the office than my usual morning stop. And was caught doing it by an employee. Since it was an unusual time, did that mean he thought I went around and got multiple lattťs? Did he think that I was perhaps a market research analyst, testing and probing the chain for the weakest link? Itís hard to say. I tried to mention golf, the location of my office in relation to the golf course, that it was my first time there, I wasnít going to make a habit of it, honest. Please donít shut me out. I have no idea why I feel like the abuser here. As a consumer it is my right to choose the location that I purchase my coffee from. I have no contract with Starbucks, or itís locations (aside from the wireless contract but thatís different). Maybe someday Iíll develop a backbone, but until then Iíll up the size of my lattť and maybe add a pastry to my order in hopes that it will act as recompense for the trust I violated this morning. Now I need another round of golf.

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