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2002-05-17 - 11:33 a.m.

Iím supposed to be working. I have tasks to perform. Orders to update. But instead I stare into space. And then type here. Lovely. Iíve managed to waste the entire morning without being productive or without getting caught, knock on wood. And the afternoon will be full of Finance picnic. I brought a potato salad. I was initially going to cheat and buy a big tub of it from Costco, maybe add some pickle relish or something and pass it off as my own, but in the end I actually took the time to prepare said salad. I threw some sliced boiled eggs on top and a hug chunk of parsley, sprinkling oregano on top for dramatic affect. It looks good. My reputation as a culinary master is safe. Plus it felt good to actually do something other than sleep last night.

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