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2002-06-30 - 11:50 a.m.

I thought the World Cup game was fantastic. It reminded me of when I was a kid and used to play Subbuteo. By myself because no one else on my block was interested. I used to suck at Soccer. And Subbuteo.

I was rooting for Germany. Despite everyone telling me that Brazil was going to win. Which Brazil one. I purchased a Germany Shirt online. And I think Iíll purchase their Subeteo team as well. I have the teams that came with my set, plus the Arsenal team because of the Nick Hornby novel.

Saturday I spent shopping. The North Face Store was having a clearance sale so I bought a new Laptop Case, and some hiking clothes. It was also my grandmothersí birthday so I bought her some crampons and an axe for their cruise to Alaska next month. But saner heads prevailed so I ended up buying her something from Nordstrom.

My company is shut down this week, although Iím ďOn CallĒ which means I get to work remotely whenever someone calls or has an order in, etc. Lucky me. Iíve already had to patiently explain to people what Shut Down means. No shipping, scheduling, or production. Which means that they wonít get what they want until the week after the fourth. And then they want to talk to someone else. I dread the customer calls, of which I havenít had any yet.

And there you have it. A boring weekend condensed down into 250 words.

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