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2002-09-17 - 9:39 p.m.

I hate HTML. It sucks. Well, okay, it doesnít really. Itís a powerful tool that allows one remarkable freedom in displaying information over the web. I still hate it right now though. I also hate:

  • Insects
  • This guy from High School whose name I wonít say just in case he Googleís himself. Well, I imagine that he probably Googleís himself quite often. He was that kind of guy. Heís probably Googling himself right now. In front of a school or something. The sick bastard.
  • Vomiting. Itís never pleasant.
  • Carrot Raisin Salad. I like Carrots. I like Raisons. I even like Mayonnaise in small doses, usually with other condiments and in an appropriate setting, like a sandwich. But mixing them together is not right.
  • People that speak the lines aloud during screenings of Monty Python movies. Er, not that I go to those or anything. Iíve just heard about it. From nerds that I, uh, was beating up for lunch money.
  • Cheap Shoes. Not the same thing as normal shoes that didnít cost a lot of money. I like a good deal. I just hate cheap shoes is all.
There is actually more, but Iím tired. And I feel myself getting worked up. I actually hope that you like the new look of the diary. Itís thanks to Genghis-Jon that I did something about it. He was mean to me in my guest book. So feel free to flame him to your hearts content. I'll be back to love tomorrow.

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