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2002-09-19 - 3:48 p.m.

My culinary expertise at work has been challenged. One of the marketing people has thrown her gauntlet into the ring and arrived today with a crockpot full of Potato & Leek soup. Itís delicious. And threatening. Iím going to have to time my retaliation carefully. I can bury the office in baked goods and lunches tomorrow if I wanted to. But that would be too obvious. It would seem petty. Which the whole thing is, I mean, hello, Pot? Kettle Black! and all. The day she starts assisting people with Access reports and PowerPoint slides though. Sheís going down. Hard.

I feel so catty and mean, like a soap opera star. There is also a renewed vigor about my job. A challenge that makes it interesting.

We have people visiting from New Zealand. And in some sort of insane sales logic, we took them to the Outback Steakhouse. Because, you know, Australia and New Zealand are the same and all. Actually, it was the bloominí Onion that led us to the Outback. Apparently someone had seen a commercial or advertisement and wanted to try it out. So, we piled into cars and caravanned over to the Great Mall. Behind the receptionist podium was a giant Kiwi, which is, you know, native to the Australian Outback. And Iím talking the bird, not the fruit. This caused a little bit of stir amongst the guests. A member of our party asked the hostess about the bird. She thought it was some sort of chicken from Australia. We had to restrain one of the visitors while the hostess fled for her life. Well, it wasnít that bad, but almost. So, we ended up going for Sushi next door. Good Times.

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