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2003-03-26 - 1:31 p.m.

We have a scant two days before the move to the new and improved (aka Cheap) office. The current cubicles are being left here, in the old office, so I hate to think what I will be getting. My new cube will be 4x6. I donít even like to think how small that is. Iím currently in a 6x6 square. Oh how I miss my 8x10. And the 12x12 with the seating area. Alas, how the mighty have fallen. At least Iím not the only one. Pretty much everybody is being shoved into this place. All the survivors. Itís a really small number, and compared to this time last year, a shockingly low number. It makes the stress levels and performance levels understandable. As well as the bitterness.

Itís going to get ugly. Mainly because all the beautiful people have either left to pursue other interests or were RIFíd

I went to Sushi today for lunch, cashing in a favor to get a free meal. Woo hoo! I actually needed to as the person owing might not be here come Friday. It was probably bad form of me to bring it up, but damn it. I wanted sushi, I just wasnít willing to shell out my own cash for it. We even went to the expensive place where they make it fresh right there in front of you, rather than send it around on a boat or train. I only drank green tea however, rather than have a beer or three (like my coworker). I like Japanese beer. I like beer with sushi. I just wasnít in the mood. The green tea was not urine colored, which I found helpful. And it was also only lukewarm, which I like. That last paragraph was just about as dull as lunch. Oh boy.

I should start some of the packing. I was hoping for a temp to actually do the work, and had the boss convinced that it was also necessary, however due to layoffs executive management decreed no temps until after the layoffs. It was surprisingly considerate of them, however it screws me up royally. I have no idea how Iím supposed to close out the quarter and year plus pack up my department and cubicle. Iíll just give up on having a life until next weekend I guess.

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