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2003-04-24 - 11:13 a.m.

I bought a large number of Jelly Beans on sales the day after Easter. All of them black. I have them littering my cube like deer droppings. Very neat deer who went in a Crate and Barrel candy dish. Because they have class.

People get excited about the candy, then realize it's all licorice and then try to recover. Itís amusing. Such is how I intend to wither out my days here. One of the sales reps from New Zealand knew a girl back home that had gotten licorice poison. He is the main consumer of the beans. It seems that in other countries one can buy a huge slab of licorice. Black mostly, although sometimes the red. I donít like the red kind. Itís too sweet. But the black is good, although too many and it burns my mouth and upsets my stomach.

I had a rather frustrating morning meeting with my boss. He basically told me that he could have gotten me the position within the company that I wanted, but because I didnít give him a chance I screwed up. This is because the dirctor that was in charge of the group that I was hired into 3 years ago told management that we couldnít implement our new product line without my input. There is much drama it seems. There is a scramble to fill my position but still keep the 3 months temp status, no VP will touch it, and I think on the 15th there will be a lot of confusion and bickering.

But thatís far away. For now, Iím going to lunch. No bacon today. Or at least Iím not planning on any.

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