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2003-04-25 - 11:16 a.m.

I bought a huge tray of Oatmeal cookies this morning at Safeway. No body in the office likes Oatmeal Cookies, they prefer chocolate chip. Again I strike, secure in my evil ways.

The only trouble is that I like Oatmeal cookies and have had three of them. Iíll have to go on a restrictive diet as soon as I leave this place so I can return for lunches and things thin, vibrant, successful.

I made plans for a road trip to LA next weekend. I was pressured into it, but Iím feeling okay. It was originally to be a plane trip but I tried to back out. Because Iím not willing to fly Southwest, and donít want to pay more to fly anyone else. I was hesitant also because there is some sort of deal involving people he met in Vegas and whatever happens on this trip is not to get back to his girlfriend. Iím exchanging one Jr High Drama plot at work to one in my personal life. I have no idea how I feel about that.

Today is our company health fair, and I was supposed to ride my bike to work, to prove that it could be done. Instead I threw it in the back of my Saab and drove. Because it was raining again. A torrent of wet that I wasnít about to ride in. I still have all the details and things. Plus the bike looks really good. I propped it up on a table with a helmet and a satchel. I have handouts, bike commuting literature, and transit schedules for all the major systems. Iíll also be taking my laptop with the wireless connection and will give transit demos for people who donít think they can take it to work. I was going to change into some sport gear but have decided instead not to. This is the most excitement I have planned until next Tuesday, when I have cinema club.

But there are still Oatmeal Cookies.

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