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2003-05-05 - 3:20 p.m.

Vague Thoughts about my trip:

I love San Diego. I LOVE IT. I intend to make it my home. Ocean Beach. Lotís of Hippies and Homeless but I didnít care because it was beautiful, less expensive than here, and there were dogs and street art everywhere. I have a lot to offer the potential employer down there as I donít a) Surf b) Smoke {weed} and I bathe. F

When people tell you it will take 10 hours to drive somewhere, they are so lying. It can be done in 60% of that time. Especially if you have a decent car. Although my Saab is dressed in leather with a red rubber ball and I keep him locked in a chest. That car is so my bitch. The car that we drove down in, while shiny and new, was more like a frigid housewife who needs diamonds in order to put out. Yes, she went 120 over the grapevine, but she whined about it the whole time.

I drank my weight in alcohol. I donít know if thatís good or bad. I also got a lot of sun and am blonde as can be. I am relaxed and laughing. No one at the office can believe the change and they are all extremely jealous. I love pissing them off with my vitality and renewed sense of life. I am going somewhere, and they know it. I know it. DOGS know it.

Speaking of Dogs, they are everywhere in San Diego. Also, home ownership is not out of the question. The people are nice and friendly and laid back and I canít wait to go back. All you need in San Diego are flip flops, a t-shirt, and some beer and you have friends. That stick around AFTER the beer and keep the party going.

We ate dinner in a really upscale snooty Italian Resturaunt that turned into a disco at 10. Just like that, the lights go down and 50 Cent starts playing. Disco Balls and Lights start pounding. It was strange, stupid, and pissed me off. I donít appreciate fine food and am allergic to wine, so I always end up pissing the waiters off. I was embarrassed for both myself and my friends but that all changed when Itís a Beautiful Life blared from the bar area. What kind of fucked up place was that? I donít know.

There was a prom that took place at our hotel. I donít ever want to have a teenager.

I will always be willing to stay at a Westin Hotel. The staff was courteous, friendly, and attentive. They quickly surmised that we would prefer two double beds instead of the King we were booked into but made up for the gaffe by sending up two bottles of Corona as an apology. Thus ensuring our undying love and devotion. Westin Hotel in San Diego people.

And that was the random thoughts. Now for the trip:

We left later than usual on Friday morning, which I expected. The drive down I was just relaxed. Seriously relaxed. 120 mph over the Grapevine and I thought, eh, thereís a safety cage. There are Airbags, Iím buckled in. This Funky Charms mix CD is great. It was a bit out of character for me. We stopped in the middle of nowhere for Gas and bought a plaster Buddha for $18 from a guy selling them out of an old delivery van that he also lived in. It was very cool. LA was hazy, overcrowded, and ugly. Once through however we sped the lovely coastal highway down to San Diego. We checked into our Hotel and the rest of the weekend consisted of parties, drinking, late brunches, beaches, more drinking, fish tacos, dogs, typical bar cover bands, mobs, even more drinking, considering calling in sick on Monday so that yet even more drinking could take place, and shots. I got home at 1:30 am this morning and was awake, alert, and raring to go this morning at 5:30. We showed up at the Party with the Buddha and placed it on the Keg. The Buddha made us instant celebrities. It was nice. There was also an argument over which neighbor had the best bud in the complex. It was eventually settled with a bong and a crowd of about 20. I have never been to a party that lasted all night long and into the morning. I myself lasted until 3:30 where I crashed. Reports have the party ending at 5:30. I was up at 7 and cleaned the place up. Mainly because I was bored. We had brunch and then went cruising around, seeing the sites. Saturday night we went to dinner and then to a great club. When the bars all shut down the people took to the streets, mobs of people milling about enjoying themselves. The few after hours places were totally jammed with people and we elected to go back to the hotel rather than wait in any lines. Sunday we brunched, hung out at the beach all day, went to happy hour and then drove back.

I have decided that I need to move south. I never thought I would fit in so well. Or be so happy about a place. I donít think Iíve been this relaxed in years. Iíd like to be this relaxed all the time. The great thing is all the stress and angst and shit that I wade through as daily routine doesnít have a hold on me now. I can see that there will be life after this shitty job and thatís a good feeling. That life is going to be great. I donít expect a non-stop party. I donít expect it to be coasting. I just expect it to be better.

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