Your cocktail sir,





2003-05-20 - 9:48 p.m.


That’s about all I can muster at the moment. I am not even drunk anymore.

Tonight was my “farewell” party from work.

5 People showed up. F.I.V.E.

I went through the whole gamut of emotions. Hurt, Confusion, Anger, Tears. Okay, not the tears. But I was upset. By the time I got home I was okay. It was just stupid.

They did give me a director’s chair with my name sewn onto the back. Which is very cool. And the Marketing person who wants me to do some freelance work asked me to lunch. And I got a whole lot of fried appetizers and Guinness and didn’t have to pay for them. So it’s all okay now.

I’m only putting 5 names on the Thank You Card.

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