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2004-06-29 - 10:06 a.m.

I just checked my messages. Very late, I might add.

I had an employee not show up for work, which was the reason I got around to checking the voicemail in the first place.

It seems that his wife is not feeling well. And he has to take his infant son in to the doctor to be circumsized. Hopefully she will be feeling better later and he can come in.

I need to take a step back here and look at this from a distance. There are several real issues with this. Firstly, who the hell makes a father take his son in for circumsizion! That's wrong. WRONG. No man should have to go through that. And why the hell wasn't it done at birth? The man isn't Jewish. Also, call me old fashioned but that just seems like too much information. I need to take my son to the Doctor, my wife is sick. It has all the information needed, it covers all the bases, and really, seems reasonable. Why they are visiting the doctor, no. Don't need to know.

And I can't see why he has to do it. I wouldn't. I couldn't. I am a baby when it comes to my penis. Most men are. It takes a woman, with little to no respect for the thing to take an infant in for a procedure like that. That is so a mothers job. Perhaps the sharing was a cry for help, an attempt for sympathy. Perhaps a plea for clemency for missing work. Regardless, I didn't want to know. And now I can't forget.

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