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2004-07-03 - 11:02 a.m.

Someone just brought in their low rider. It seems that they keep scraping the bumper when they go into parking lots.

They were blasting, not rap. Not hip hop. Not even rock. Tracy Chapman. Fast Car.

Strangest thing I've seen today. I'm sure it won't be the winner however. Because I need to go to the dollar store later to pick up more swag for Journalcon. And then to the 4th of July celebration. Because, you know, we can't celebrate on SUNDAY. Silly state.

My parents went up to Huntsville this morning for the big breakfast they have for our nations independance. And then they are heading over to the fairgrounds. No doubt they will see things far stranger than a low-riding cholo playing Fast Car. But I'm actually not that envious of them. Wonder why?

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