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2004-07-07 - 10:08 a.m.

This morning on the drive to work I hit a traffic jam. Which is odd, because I don't usually hit traffic in this state. I figured it was merely an accident or perhaps an animal on the road. But it was much worse than that. On the frontage road, in Sunset, there was a giant banner and a Coke semi offereing a free can of Coke C2. Which caused panic on the roadway as drivers made frantic maneuvers to exit. There was a line onto the free of cars. For a 50 cent can of low carb soda.

Sometimes I hate my life.

I went golfing this morning. First time in probably two years. I did all right, actually better than I expected. My back and shoulders are going to hurt tomorrow. I can tell. I have to make it a regular occurance. I need to get good at it. So I can smoozge the people here. It's how everything gets done. Plus I donate to charity fundraisers all the time and those usually involve golf tournaments and I like the thought of being a power broker like my father. Or at least have everyone know my name. Except he got that through softball rather than golf. But it is the jobs of sons to make their ways different than their fathers or something like that. I think it's more difficult if the fathers are self made men, because they know what works. And then we sons come in with our education and our experiences, growing up not necesarily soft, but with different rules, and want to change things to be more modern. Or just change things according to our visions. And I can see how that would be tough. And in 25 years when I am my fathers age, who knows how things will be. Will I be like him? Odds are yes, because no matter how much we try not to, eventually we do become our parents. In some cases, and I would like to think that mine is applicable, that isn't necesarily a bad thing.

And sometimes, I don't hate my life.

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