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2004-07-21 - 3:51 p.m.

Last night there was quite the storm. Lightning. Thunder. Black clouds that touched the sky with inky black fingers and tendrils of rain, hail, and bursts of wind. It was incredible, all that energy being expended. This morning, you couldn't tell. All the moisture had evaporated, the wind had taken all the detrius with it on it's journey to wherever. That is one thing that I don't miss about California. The conformity of weather. Here we can have storms like that. It just won't do on the West Coast. Or, uh, South West Coast. Represent, YO! I actually enjoyed the raging of the heavens. It seemed a touch cathartic for Mother Nature and so I took it as cathartic for myself. Here was the natural earth railing at this city much like I would like to. And so it allowed me to rip new assholes in a few employees this morning. Handle some things that I've been putting off, and generally have a pleasant day. There's some heavy clouds peeking over the mountains and to the north, so I'm hoping of a repeat of last nights performance, even if the crew isn't.

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