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2004-08-03 - 11:15 a.m.

I was in a good mood this morning, when I got to work. Iíd stopped by Starbuckís and read the paper, caught up on the local news concerning the Hacking case, had a cup of coffee. I donít like the Starbucks here as much. It took me a little while to figure it out. Itís the lack of people. The serious people that want their white cup with green accents and they want it out the door 5 minutes ago. There is no rush at this Starbucks. Those people just drive through. No lines inside, no waiting. Not really that many customers. It was strange. I probably wonít make a habit of it. It did calm me, put me in a good mood. Iíd had a run in prior to the Starbucks visit involving a bitch in a white Dodge Avenger, her Utah hair hedging itís bets by using highlights from each of the 4 hair color spectrums and poised on her head like it had exploded there. She was wearing scrubs but I imagined they were for her Dental Hygienist or Medical Secretary position rather than anything truly medical. This is based on her attitude of course. We were at a T intersection, wanting to make a left hand turn. There was a homeless man (judging from the large pack and sleeping bag attached to his back along with that I lived in San Francisco for fucksí sake, I know what a homeless man look likes) waiting for the signal to go. The light changed and I creeped out into the intersection, waiting for the man to cross, rather than cutting off his passage mid-intersection. This infuriated the Avenger, and so she swerved around me and nearly collided with the homeless man, who jumped back. Which, hindsight, seems like the wrong thing to do. Let her hit you, youíve got an illegal turn against a right of away, and better yet, youíve got a witness who isnít a Utah driver. I mention the Utah driver thing because here, the pedestrians have no rights. None. You go to the super centers and box stores on the weekends and they have security guards out directing traffic. Her insurance company would have folded like a deck of cards and youíd be in Schlitz and GPCís for the rest of your life. But instead, he jumped. It was an impasse, he staring at her, me unwilling to move, riveted by the drama unfolding, she unable to move with him standing in her way. And then she honked at him. Cursing. I was stunned. As was he. So, he motioned myself to move on, an opportunity I took with relish, and smacked her hood. Causing another outbreak of cursing. I continued on my merry way when the Avenger came bursting past me, and the woman had the nerve to flip me off. At the next light I pulled aside and glanced over, to receive a look of pure malice. All in all, not an auspicious start to the morning but the impromptu Starbucks visit took the taint off, as Starbucks can only do.

But now that fresh optimism gained from corporate coffee and carefully market researched surrounds has fled and Iím irritable, stuffed up, and have zero patience for both stupidity and kindness. So it goes sometimes.

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